He knows what I need.

I love music. And I mean LOVE it.

I listen to any and all types of music. Rarely do I spend a full day at my desk without streaming Pandora through my earbuds.

My favorite station as of late: JJ Heller. Amazing stuff, really. Of course other artists come through the station, pumping delightful new music into my ears all day long.

Recently I’ve felt like Pandora can read my mind. It’s been feeding me some pretty perfectly timed tunes. Then it occurred to me: God’s so in control of this!

Like the other day, when my heart started racing after I was handed an overwhelming task, the song “How ‘bout you?” by Kelly Sweet began:

“I believe in fate. I believe in dreams. Make the most of all those little things. ‘Cause everything you touch. Leaves a trace of love. In the end it comes back to you. I’m letting go. I’m flying free. How ‘bout you?”

Instantly, my blood pressure lowered. I was ready to tackle the big project with a smile, knowing that I could leave a fingerprint of love on it.

Another time, I had just received praise from my boss for a job well done. After I did an internal fist-pump, Aaron Shust started sweetly singing:

“This life is not my own. To God alone be the glory. To God alone be the praise. Everything I say and do, let it be all for You. The glory is Yours alone.”

At that moment, I quit celebrating my accomplishments and instead thanked God for everything He has blessed me with.

In the most mysterious of ways—including music selections—He always knows exactly what we need.

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