Has He stolen your identity?

Angie Lynnae Laxdal. Yes, that’s my real name, and yes, it’s posted online, right here, where anyone can see it – even creepy people. Gasp!

{If you’re reading this and you’re creepy, go away! Okay, now that we have that cleared up…}

When I was creating the URL for my WordPress account, I went back and forth on the subject – should I or shouldn’t I reveal my full identity?

Back when we discussed the concept of personal branding in my college classes, my professor would ask one simple question: what’s the first word that comes to mind to best describe you? Answers varied from “creative” to “driven” to “just me.” His response went something like this:

“No! None of those are right. You just gave me adjectives, and I wanted a noun. None of your answers are unique. [pointing] You two may both be creative, but are you the same person? No!

“I was looking for your name. The most obvious answer of all.”

And then he went on to explain how successful brands have two key components: their name and the one thing they stand for. For instance, Volvo = safety. Apple = innovative. Disney = magical.

So, why did I decide to put my name right in the website URL of this blog? Because it’s my brand. It’s my unique life story, my mark on the world, my perspective about faith and life and love. And just like product brands, my brand has two parts: my name and the one thing I stand for. I’m Angie, and I stand for Him. I know that I am nothing without my God.

He has officially stolen my identity.

Ps. In case you’re curious about His brand, God = love [+ a sprinkle of faith and hope].

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  1. Chris says:

    Love the blog Angie, I follow several blogger and I’ve added your’s to the list!!

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