Thankful for love.

In exactly five days from now, I will be stuffing my face with turkey and dressing. Because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been reminding myself to practice thanksgiving on a daily basis.

The worrier in me often counts troubles rather than blessings.

My husband does the opposite, and for that, I am so very thankful.

There are so many kinds of love in this world for which I’m thankful. The kindness and generosity of family. The caring nature of friends. The respect and helpfulness of co-workers. And, His never-ending love – the greatest love of all, from which every other type of love stems.

And then there’s my husband.

His love is goofy. And constant. And, quite frankly, sometimes I’m annoyed by it. Like when:

1. He won’t stop with the affection when I’m running late for something.

2. He remakes the bed (with me in it!) before leaving for work.

3. He tickles me – almost to the point of tears.

4. He sometimes talks in baby talk when I want to have a serious conversation.

5. He starts dancing with me when I’m trying to cook supper.

I mean, who would be annoyed with a husband who like to give hugs, play jokes, tickle, pretend he’s a three-year-old and dance with you on a whim?

A type A who’s uptight, too focused and rushing through life. In a nutshell: me.

Annoyances aside, he’s truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He forces me to slow down, chill, enjoy, take life in. It’s the moments like those mentioned above that I remember most.

Having him as my husband is something for which I will forever be grateful. I truly believe God made him for me, and me for him.

Kelby, age three. (There's nothing innocent about the smile, the bed head or the jelly-stained shirt!)
High school sweethearts: taking me to senior prom in '06.
The control freak and the goofster @ a rock concert in '07.
I kind of like him. A lot.
Snazzed up for a college job fair in '08.
Taken two days ago: married 1.5 years.

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  1. Berthine says:

    you two are adorable! you’ve got a reader in me!!!

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