Accidental witnessing.

Of the 22 years experience I have with North Dakota’s winters, this is the first year I’ve enjoyed a new type of luxury.

Two words: auto start.

Rock on.

Life’s just that much better with a warm car. Really.

Anyway, today I clicked my auto start button around 4:30, giving my Chevy some time to heat up before I called it a day. About 10 minutes later, I walked out to the parking lot.

‘What is that noise?’ I wondered.

I continued tiptoeing across the ice.

‘Seriously, what is that?’ I questioned.

I was almost to my car when I remembered: I cranked my volume up to 30 (aka: really loud) on the drive to work.

Shane & Shane singing, “Holy design, this place in time, that I might seek and find my God,” blasted through my speakers and encircled a 30-foot radius around my car.

Embarrassment flooded me. But then I thought, ‘I just witnessed. Accidentally.’

Maybe someone who really needed encouragement walked past my car in the last 10 minutes. Maybe someone who knows me walked past my car and chuckled.

And then I laughed, hopped in, turned the volume up to 32 and rocked out on my blizzardy cruise home.

If being a witness is scary, why not embrace being an accidental witness?

Turn up the volume. Smile. Do something subtle and just plain-old nice.

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  1. Chris Irey says:

    Love this story…you are right. Gotta embrace witnessing in whatever form it presents itself and what seems accidental rarely ever is. Love you.

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