Resolving to say no.

Can I get a woop-woop for celebrating the birth of baby Jesus this coming weekend?

Clearly, I’m a little excited. If you want to read about Christmas, check out my post about putting the Christ back in Christmas.

But… do you know who I am?

I started listening to Christmas music on October 1. I love, love, love the holiday and the reason for the season, but I’m Angie. I’m the future-obsesser, the forward-looker. In other words, New Year’s resolutions started creeping into my dreams shortly after my tryptophan-induced nap on turkey day.

I’ve decided to switch up the usual “lose weight” and “eat healthier” resolutions for 2011. Instead, I’m resolving to say no.

I’m not a “maybe” girl. I’m not even a “yes” girl.

I’m a “YES! YES! Pick me!” girl.

A little voice in my head repetitively screams, “please people, all people!” She’s been there my whole life, and sometimes I forget she exists. Until I start to drown in the repercussions of her annoyingly affirmative answers.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Sometimes I forget that pleasing people doesn’t always please God. There are definite instances where the two parallel one another. Helping someone who’s clearly in need or listening to a distraught friend are obvious ways that pleasing people also pleases God. So many of my people-pleasing stresses aren’t about God at all. In fact, most are fueled by selfish means. I often please people to feel better about myself. I strive to be ambitious, driven, organized, intelligent, money-savvy, domestic, happy… and the list goes on.

Why? Because I’ve always been that way. Because myself and my world expect it. And because I enjoy an accolade every now and then.

But always saying yes takes the focus off of Him.

I’m resolving to say no to:

  • consuming media and food that don’t fuel clean living
  • overbooking my schedule and squelching daily focus on Him
  • homemaking excessively, and in turn, making an unhappy home
  • focusing on my handful of worries instead of my myriad blessings
  • becoming smarter in my field than I am wise in His word
  • sitting on it, both mentally and physically

And by saying no to these things, in my usual fashion, I will say “YES! YES! Pick me!” to Him.

What are your resolutions this year?

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  1. Chris Irey says:

    Learning to say no is a good thing. Just don’t go overboard and say no to everything just to prove you can! Oh, and I know you don’t literally mean eating clean when you speak of fueling clean living, but Google it and give it a whirl. Amazing the difference it makes in how you feel health-wise. Merry Christmas!

    1. Very true! Clean eating does sound intriguing, but I think cleaner eating is more like it. ;) Merry Christmas to you, too!

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