The promise of spring.

Even though winter is taking its sweet, sweet time and overstaying its welcome, this we can know for sure: spring is coming.

I cannot wait to see colors again:

Pink tulips

I’m dreaming of warmth,

and sunshine,

and cotton-candy clouds

and grass between toes.

But most of all, I’m dreaming of rain:


The winter-to-spring transition works like faith. We can trust and believe that good is coming. We haven’t yet seen, touched, tasted or breathed it in. But we know it’s a beautiful thing.

So we wait, expectantly. Patiently.

Can the no-gods of the godless nations cause rain?

Can the sky water the earth by itself?

You’re the One, O God, who does this.

So You’re the One for whom we wait.

You made it all,

You do it all.

{Jeremiah 14: 22, in contemporary language}

You see, it really isn’t spring at all that we’re waiting for.

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