An organized master bath.

It’s 11:58 on a Saturday night. Guess what I just spent the last two hours doing? Organizing our master bathroom! And I had way too much fun doing it.

(I promise, I really am 22.)

Anyway, here’s the photo tour…

We have lots of space, which is wonderful but just invites clutter. And after finishing this book last week, I was feeling inspired to simplify.

Vanity storage

First, I emptied the vanity and sorted all the goodies.


That’s a lot for two people (okay, really one… I see nothing that’s his).

Vanity contents

If I truly used this many facial cleansers, it would take me an hour to get my face ready for bed every night!

Face washes

This is kind of pathetic. Hair products I never use…

Hair products I don't use

Vs. hair products I use every day.

Hair products I do use

Next up: makeup I rarely ever use…

Makeup I rarely use

Vs. makeup I use nearly every day.

Daily makeup

I have a tendency to use 1/2 a bottle and get sick of the scent. So I throw it in the vanity for later. Only later never happens, because I’m not all that excited about the product to begin with. So, I finally tossed these half-used items:

Trashed toiletries

Since these hair products are expensive and useful when I’m in a bind (i.e. when I run out of gel… and sans gel, my hair’s a frizzball), I kept them. They’re hidden in a basket, up and away from regular traffic areas.

Extra hair stuff in basket

These baskets have sat empty for almost a year. Perhaps it’s time I fill them? Extra loofahs.

Extra loofahs

Next, I wiped out and sanitized my empty vanity drawers, and started the process of refilling them.

Top drawer: only items I use every single day.

Top drawer - daily use

Second drawer: things I tend to use weekly (new razor, face mask, nail clipper, etc.).

Vanity drawer of weekly items

Third drawer: “fun” makeup that isn’t worn daily.

Extra makeup

Bottom drawer: extras of the items I use every day.

Extras of daily supplies

The under-sink area was crowded before. Now it simply houses items too big for the drawers.

Under the sink

My fave: bright white washcloths. (I see no point in having any other color. So clean!)

White washcloths

Added bonus: I found my old nail polishes. I probably paint my fingernails, oh, maybe five times a year – MAX. But I decided to tonight.

The color = Bling Bling!

Painted fingernails

I’m excited to see if my new, logically organized drawers improve my morning routine.

Oh, how I love an organized home!


4 thoughts on “An organized master bath.

  1. Girl, you are so organized! I’ve been working on de-cluttering and de-personalizing our house here to get it ready to sell. It’s been enlightening. I have to Skype and email Ralph a lot…what is this? Do you want to keep it? Why do we have it in the first place? LOL I find it cathartic to pitch, pack and put in the give or garage sale boxes!

  2. So I’m not alone in my product addiction. I’ll have to tell Bryan. My latest guilty pleasure is you sign up for $10 a month and they send you a cute little box of sample products. I’m hoping this will help keep me from buying other products.

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