Love it!


Love it!


These words and phrases are so popular lately. I, too, use them all the time. In fact, last time I wrote “Love it!” in an email, I realized just how old that phrase is getting.

These words are great, but do we really love so many things? Has love, in a sense, lost its meaning?

We use the word so loosely when we’re talking about things and ideas at work and in life, yet we often remove the word from our vocabulary when we’re relating to one another.

Why are these words so popular right now? Are people craving the real deal?

Why do we have no qualms about saying “love it” (whatever it is) but we stumble over saying “love you.”

Just something to chew on…

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  1. Katie says:

    I was thinking about the word “love” this morning. My campus minister was waving to me and his hand turned into the sign language, “I love you.” Without even thinking, I shouted, “I love you, too” across the parking lot. As I was shouting it, I wondered if his ILY was intentional or not. American Sign Language is viable language at our school, and it’s very common to wave “ILY” across campus. Was he thinking about what he was signing to me or was he just waving? The same goes in my direction. Did I know what I was shouting or was I giving the absent minded reaction? Luckily, I know his love for me and mine for him goes beyond an absent minded ILY wave and responding shout.

    As for why it’s so common right now might stem from peoples’ need and craving to be loved. It’s something we always need (and want).

    (In rereading this comment, I realize it could be taken the wrong way… “love” as in brother-sister or father-daughter love… nothing inappropriate).

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