You’ve got something to say.

Every once in a while, I get into a blogging slump.

I keep up with my regular writing and journaling (one for me, one for baby), but blogging – publishing something personal for the world to see – can feel forced. Sometimes, I just feel like I have nothing important to say.

Last week, I was enjoying a long stroll through the park (did I mention I looove walking lately?!) and this song by Matthew West streamed through my Pandora. I instantly remembered why I blog: because I’ve got something to say, something that only I can share with the world. Listen:

What an inspiration. Of course, this message applies to anyone living and breathing. Writing’s my thing – so the whole “something to say” ties in perfectly. But whatever your thing is, just keep it up, keep going. Share your life with the world, because you’ve got something to say.

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