Babies need a lot of stuff.

Since we’re keeping a close eye on our budget lately, we’ve been shopping early for baby stuff. We’ve been hitting up garage sales, neighbors, Craigslist, you name it for deals on baby loot. So far, we’ve found some pretty fabulous deals.

My mom and I struck gold at a hometown garage sale. The toys are in excellent shape, and everything in this photo was under $50. I Amazon’d (new word) a bunch of the toys, and added up at least $225 of value. Nice!

Then we got another boatload of toys from our neighbor.

And at that same grouping of garage sales, we hit the jackpot of baby clothes. Since it’s still another three weeks until we find out baby’s gender, we bought a little of each, figuring we can sell whatever clothes are the wrong gender at our rummage sale in August.

And I just couldn’t resist this 0-3 month bunny suit. (Even if it means my kid will hate my around age 12.)

Next, we found some big-ticket items advertised on a local retailer’s blog. We got this car seat and base, purchased new in spring 2010:

We’re already registered for a second Chicco keyfit base, so we’ll have one in both his pickup and my car. As a set, we also bought this matching stroller:

I’m loving the “fuego” orange-y color. Perfect for our redheaded baby (fingers crossed!).

Next, we ordered this awesome, modern Cube crib back in June. Long story short, we tried to buy the display model, but another couple beat us to the chase by about 2 minutes. But the store owner still gave us a significant discount – for a new (non-floor) model. Awesome! We got it for about $150 less than the asking price.

The dressers to go with it were just too far beyond our budget. Instead, we found an IKEA look-alike dresser-turned-changing-table and nightstand. All we need now is some fresh paint on the walls, some shelves and a sweet little changing pad cover.

Oh, and about a zillion other things. We’re getting there and the process so far has been a blast.

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