Forget about the weeds.

Even with the fatigue that accompanies my growing midsection, keeping my home clean is still at the top of my to-do list. Cleaning is something I naturally enjoy, and I go a little crazy if my house is out of order. (Plus, I have a wonderful hubby who cares and helps to keep casa Laxdal tidy.)

Weeds in the flowerbed, however? Now that’s a different story.

I hate the job. Absolutely hate it. And now that round ligament pain is only enhanced with odd bends, twists and turns, picking weeds is even more miserable.

Rather than pick at every pesky thistle, I only pluck the big weeds. I try to forget about the other green uglies in my white rock. Try.

Tonight, as I was yanking the buggers, I noticed something for the first time all summer: my plants alongside the weeds are healthy, vibrant and gorgeous, which made me realize:

a bit of ugliness shouldn’t detract from life’s overwhelming beauty.

All summer long, I’ve been fretting about my weedy rock and unkempt flowerbeds. Meanwhile, the plants were blooming beautifully. Because I was so focused on the ugly, I neglected to admire the beauty – until August, the last real month of summer. That’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

What’s worse is that I do this all too often in my life. Like many expectant parents, we’re worried about money. (And if it wasn’t that, I’m sure we’d find something else to worry about.) Every second I spend fretting over finances is time I could be praising and thanking God for this awesome blessing. When I’m toying with the numbers in our monthly budget, I’m focusing more on the sacrifices we’ll have to make rather than being thankful for all the necessities we can afford.

Why is it that we focus on the ugly rather than admire the beautiful?

Five months down, five to go. I want to spend the second half focusing on the blessing rather than the burden.

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