Whoa, we’re halfway there.

Today our ultrasound measurements confirmed that our baby is 20 weeks and three days old, which matches our original calculations exactly.

That means we’re (over) halfway there! It’s crazy how quickly the past five months have zoomed by.

All the major organs were measured today. Our baby has kidneys, a stomach, a bladder and a heart with four chambers. We counted 10 fingers and 10 toes. Oh, and we saw this cute little face:

Now if only ultrasounds revealed hair color, we’d be set!

Our technician wrote down the gender, and we’re not peeking until Saturday. Opening an envelope sounds kind of boring, so instead, we’re biting into cupcakes to discover the gender. Today I dropped off the envelope at a local bakery, and they’re going to make cupcakes with pink or blue filling based on whatever gender is inside. We’re having a little shindig with family this weekend, when we’ll devour into the cupcakes together. Photos to come.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I can no longer button any of my regular pants. Thank God for belly bands, drawstrings, elastic waistbands and yoga pants, which I promptly change into after 5 p.m. My closet is feeling pretty bare bones these days, so I’m excited for a box of maternity clothes to arrive on my doorstep any day now. As you can see, I’m starting to rock the belly:

Wondering what’s up with the banana? That’s the current length of our little monkey!

We’ve also made a bit of progress in the nursery. No paint or decorating just yet, but we’ve got the furniture covered. We currently have a cozy chair, a dresser-turned-changing-table, a nightstand and a crib mattress (crib will be in soon). See?

And again:

The lamp is old, but I don’t hate it. The pillow and pic frame aren’t staying–I was just trying to cozy it up for the photo (I know, I’m a dork). The chair is actually a dark gray leather, even though it looks a little brownish in this photo.

I’m thinking of painting the walls this Dover Gray color, and perhaps accenting with a lemon yellow. (I’m picturing a sweet little “You are my sunshine” quote on the walls.) We had a gray and yellow wedding, so I kind of like the continuation (though I’m also a fan of orange+gray, lime+gray, teal+gray, coral+gray… and just about every other color in the rainbow+gray). And, even though we’ll know the gender very, very soon (!), I plan to keep it neutral so it can all be reused later.

I love how crisp the white dressers are (they’ll especially pop with a darker paint), and you can’t beat the IKEA price. We also scored with the Cube crib, which we purchased as a floor model for $150 off. The chair was on sale, but it certainly wasn’t cheap. We thought about buying a glider and came to the realization that (1) this would be more comfy, (2) gliders are ugly and (3) we would use this leather chair for years to come. Sometimes splurging just makes sense, right?

And here’s the sad, lonely crib mattress, just waiting for a crib to call home:

We found it on Amazon for $35 less than Target. It pays to shop around.

That’s all for now. Cupcake photos (+gender revealing) to come!

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