Gender-revealing cupcakes!

Yesterday our families got together to find out baby Laxdal’s gender. And we did it with a sweet cupcake party!

Before lunch, we selected our plate color based on our gender predictions:

As you can see, guesses were pretty evenly split!

G Mama Mary has all boys, so her vote was pink. Nana Net has all girls, so her vote was blue. (They picked their own grandma names, btw. My mom’s name is Annette, so that explains the “Net.” Cute, huh?) As you can see, they’re also wearing their colors.

Here’s the future daddy, uncles and aunt enjoying their burgers.

We ate lunch quickly, because we really just wanted to bite into these:

And, when we did, this is what we found inside:


Though girl was my guess (her 20-week heartbeat was 153), I was still surprised. Before Kelby’s first girl cousin was born, the Laxdals produced only boys for 52 years straight!

Our ultrasound technician did write that it was hard to tell for sure, so we’ll check again at our next appointment (since we have to do a follow-up ultrasound to get a pic of her spine). But… I don’t think she’d write it if she wasn’t pretty confident! The best quote of the day was when I explained this and said, “So either it’s a girl or they just can’t see the peter yet,” to which my brother-in-law replied, “Oh, they’d see it. It is a Laxdal.” Bahahaha!

G Mama Mary came with baby clothes stuffed in her purse, but the catch? She only had baby girl clothes. Ha! Pink ruffles… something she never got to buy with her boys.

And even though Nana Net was thinking boy, she snagged this adorable little snowsuit (brand new!) from a friend:

And here’s a little gift from Papa Lynn (my dad). He drives green tractors. These John Deere booties are gender-neutral, of course.

Now it’s on to name shopping… Kelby says all my girl names are “hippie” names. I’ll find something he likes (or convince him to like it!).

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  1. amelia doll says:

    YEAH! congrats to you and your little pink bundle on the way :D We will be in town next weekend for a wedding….maybe we can get together!

    1. Thank you! We’re so excited. That would be so much fun… I’ll shoot ya a Facebook message!

  2. Whitney Salwei says:

    i discovered your blog from your post on facebook yesterday.
    its great! i’ve read them all up to this one. i’ll be checking back
    for new ones for sure!

    1. Thanks, Whitney! It’s so much fun to hear that people actually read it. Take care!

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