8 things I love about fall.

You see, my love for fall started at a young age. Here are my sisters and I, circa 1991, relishing the season of crisp air and crunchy leaves:

Though I don’t regularly roll in the leaves today, my love for fall remains. In no particular order, here are eight reasons why I think fall’s, well, wonderFall:

1. The fashion. Cozy sweaters, chunky scarves, soft hoodies, sleek boots, rich colors. Fall fashion is my favorite, hands down.

2. Hearty crock pot meals. The food associated with fall is oh-so-tasty. We love to host football parties at our home, and my favorite meals to make are in the crock pot–easy peasy for entertaining. Chili, hearty soups and stews, pulled pork. It’s all good in the ‘crock.

3. The air. I love the freshness of fall air. Cracking open the windows in the house, going for brisk walks through the park. The air is awesome.

4. Orange. It’s one of my favorite colors, and it’s everywhere in the fall.

5. Pumpkin spice lattes. A Starbucks pumpkin spice latte instantly puts me in a fall-ish mood. Yum! I’ll definitely be ordering a few (in decaf) this season.

6. Halloween. There’s something about dressing up (even as adults) that’s just so exciting. Last year we had a party at our house, and, boy, did we have some crazy fun costumes! My red-headed hubby went as Ronald McDonald, and I as the Wendy’s girl. See? (Sorry, it’s blurry.)

7. New seasons on TV. During the summer, I often find myself wondering: why do we pay for cable? That’s how little we watch TV. Until fall rolls around, and our butts are regularly parked in front of the screen. Sons, Grey’s, Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother–all are shows we regularly tune into.

8. This season of the year complements this season of my life. Unique to this year, I’m loving that the temps are dropping while my belly is growing. With my third trimester soon approaching (already?!), I couldn’t be more thankful that the weather’s on my side.

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