Baby to-do’s.

In case you haven’t caught on by now, I’m kind of a to-do list freakazoid. As I entered my third {gasp!} trimester this weekend, my mind has been buzzing with baby to-do items. (I realize I still have three months to get it all done, but I do know how quickly the first six disappeared!)

With this constant tally of bullet points on my brain, I’ve been feeling uninspired to think deeper. Hence, my blogging power has been weak as of late. So, tonight I sat down with a good ‘ole pen and paper, be-bopped to this fitting song and poured out every to-do running through my skull. Somehow, seeing it on paper clears my mind. I’m sure I’m missing stuff–but here’s my current list, with an X by completed tasks (because to-done lists are even more fun than to-do lists, right?):


  • Buy + assemble furniture (X)
  • Wash all clothes (X)
  • Organize closet (X)
  • Buy bedding (X)
  • Paint walls
  • Finish making mobile
  • Finish wall art
  • Wash bedding
  • Figure out curtains, lamp


  • Get life insurance (X)
  • Pick out her name (X!)
  • Get on daycare list (X)
  • Create Target registry (X)
  • Take belly photos (X)

Mind + Body

  • Take vitamins religiously (X)
  • Eat smart + move lots (X)
  • Water–drink up! (X)
  • Buy mat clothes (X)
  • Read baby care + breastfeeding books (X)
  • Get flu shot (X)
  • Take hospital classes (X–in October)
  • Go to dentist (X–in October)
  • Savor these last few months of “alone time”
  • Keep pregnancy journal (X)


  • Touch up paint
  • Freeze 10 meals
  • Organize all closets
  • Finish Christmas shopping early (X)


  • Have garage sale (X)
  • Figure out budget (X)
  • Actually follow budget
  • Save for mat leave, and then some (X–in progress)
  • Plan mat leave (X)
  • Look into flexing childcare $ (X)


  • Pick pediatrician
  • Schedule newborn photo session (X)
  • Pick out announcements, make list + labels
  • Plan baby book (X–digital)
  • Plan baptism
  • Write a will
  • Make babysitter list
  • Add baby to health insurance

Final details

  • Install carseat
  • Stock up on diapers, wipes, newborn clothes, bath stuff
  • Buy remaining necessities off registry
  • Make text message/call list
  • Buy + pack diaper bag
  • Pack hospital bag!

And, last but certainly not least–pray. For health. For energy. For patience. For peace.

Okay now–the question I ask a lot these days: what am I forgetting?

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Nana Net says:

    Put my name on the babysitter list, please!!!! :)

    1. You’re #1 on the list!

  2. Amelia D says:

    Make a CD or playlist for the delivery.
    You should have been pregnant before me, you are way more organized than I was

    1. Doubtful! I just pretend to be. =)
      Oooh, good idea. I’ll add that one to the list.

  3. Allison says:

    Furnish Auntie Al’s room… oh did I not tell you I’m moving in??? :)

    1. Bahaha! There’s a guest room with your name on it if you’d like… but you may have to fight off the grandmas first!

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