28 weeks.

40 – 28 = only 12 weeks to go!

Pregnancy is flying by. Our baby girl is certainly growing:

I feel… great! Minus some mild aches, third trimester has been swell so far.

I crave… nothing in particular lately. Salmon and peanut butter m&m’s no longer occupy my food thoughts.

I failed… the glucose screening. Lame sauce! I’ll do the full test this week (complete with four blood draws–oh joy).

She is… nearly 15 inches long and roughly 2.25 lbs.

Hubby felt… kicks! She’s a mover–especially during meals and at bedtime.

We are… so very blessed.

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  1. Amelia D says:

    Don’t worry about failing the glucose test, most women do. Be sure to bring a book, it is a long 4 hours in the clinic!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve noticed it’s pretty common to fail the screening, yet pass the test. Great tip–I plan to bring work with.

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