Feeding my freezer.

Today I’m crossing another baby to-do item off the list.

My freezer is stocked FULL with 16 meals. We’re even trying some new recipes, like chicken and spinach pasta bake, baked penne with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes and shepherd’s pie. (And, since gestational diabetes disappears with delivery, I’ll have the freedom to eat these carby comfort foods! In moderation, of course.)

I’ve also baked and froze dozens of cookies, and plan to do muffins, too.

Obviously, our grocery bill has been big lately with all the extra ingredients. But we’re buying the expensive stuff, like meat and cheese, in bulk at Sam’s Club. And just think how little we’ll need at the grocery store in January–simply picking up produce, bread and dairy weekly. Nice!

Ah, it feels so good.

(I may just have to continue doing this when I’m a full-time working mama!)

We’ve also been stocking up on everything from toiletries to cleaning supplies to paper products. Basically, everything needed to run a household. We’ll do one final pantry stock-up before the big day, but otherwise, we’re sitting pretty good! I’m just trying to avoid bundling up a newborn for last-minute errands this winter. Annistyn and I plan to stay cozy in the warmth of home!

Oh, and this post wouldn’t be complete without an eight-month belly photo:

Feeling fabulous. Kicking diabetes’ booty! Savoring time alone with the hubs. Waiting patiently.

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  1. Johanna says:

    Come to my house and fill my freezer!!! Maybe this never occurred to me but freezing the whole meal instead of individual meals is quite smart. Some day I will give that a try. My project is coming up with a meal plan for 4 wks so that I can have a plan for each day and know what to buy for the week. Baby steps!

    1. Ha! I thought about doing individual meals (so we don’t have so many leftovers at once), but Kelby really doesn’t like freezer food that’s just reheated in the microwave. This way, we’ll just pull out a meal, thaw it overnight, and pop it in the oven the next day. I don’t think they’ll taste as much like “freezer meals” that way… we’ll see if my picky husband agrees! =) I love meal planning – so much better than frantically figuring out supper when 5 o’clock rolls around (or worse, reaching for the take-out menu… again). Good luck with your planning!

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