Christmas home tour.

We’re definitely not Black Friday shoppers. Waking at an insane hour, fighting crazy crowds… gross! Instead, it’s “tradition” (well, has been for three years now) to spend the day after Thanksgiving waking up slowly, sipping coffee, listening to festive tunes and decorating for Christmas in our pajamas. That’s exactly how our morning was spent, and it was wonderful.

My decorating style is very clean, modern and simple (with a touch of quirky). Here’s the photo tour of our colorful, merry home.

Not two but three stockings this year! (And we actually plan to fill them.)

The view from our front entry.

Know how some Christmas decorations are your favorite for no particular reason? These guys are mine.

Have I mentioned that I love my husband’s engineering mind? I didn’t know what to do with those jumbo ornaments (on the left), and he came up with mounting an old IKEA cable above our coat closet and pantry. Smart kid!

These gifts were an after-Christmas sale last year. Love their lime glow at night above my cupboards!

All lit up!

As you can see, we really only decorate the main room of our home. I’d love to do more, but we just don’t have the decorations yet. Maybe someday, but we’re happy with this simple, clean look for now.

The best part of our morning? Imagining cuddling Annistyn in this cozy tree-and-candle-lit, peppermint-scented room on Christmas Eve. (Yes, that would be a week early, but we can dream, right?)

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  1. Chris Irey says:

    Looks beautiful…and if you are going for an early arrival for Annistyn try for Ralph’s birthday on the 20th!!

    1. Thank you! Ha, we’ll keep that in mind!

  2. Allison says:

    I love it – looks great!! Can’t wait to spend the holidays with you and (hopefully) Annistyn!

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