Baby update: Full term!

I’ve just passed the 37-week mark. Hello, full term!

Aside from some minor heartburn and waddling (baby’s head is very low), I’m feeling fabulous. She’s weighing in at about seven pounds.

As a result of my cyber Monday shopping, Annistyn got some adorable new clothes (compliments of Old Navy):

Isn’t that fur vest simply fabulous?!

I also found this soft pink rug on sale. I think she will love playing on the thick, caterpillar-like fibers.

Notice my swollen feet? Yeah, it’s attractive, I know. (As if my hammertoes weren’t enough!)

And an early Christmas gift from Kelby, this cupcake storage ottoman will arrive on our doorstep soon. Um, adorable?!

Here’s the diaper bag and car seat–all ready to go! The diaper bag is by Lug and made out of parachute material, so it’s super durable and lightweight. And I couldn’t pass up the bright orange (even though now I’m realizing it might be a bit much for church/fancier occasions… but I can be the kooky mom, right?). I like how it matches our fuego-colored car seat.

Hope you had a lovely little weekend. I opened gifts at my third baby shower (goodness, Annistyn’s spoiled already!) and celebrated an early Christmas with the in-laws.

Bump photo to come this week!

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