My parents are…

The coolest. Ever.

I found this little surprise in the mail today. At nearly 38 weeks pregnant, it’s exactly the boost I needed.

(And my mom so should’ve been a copywriter like me! She’s a clever lady.)

As promised, here’s a bump (um… if you can even call it that anymore!) photo for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry about the poor quality image. My husband’s been too busy being a grocery-getter, dish-washer, laundry-sorter, plumber (I clogged the garbage disposal… go me) and electrician (adding basement outlets) this week. Photographer didn’t fit into his schedule. But that’s okay because he’s awesome at this whole husband thing, and I can’t wait to see him rock as a dad. Soon!

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  1. cindy jensen says:

    You still look cute! Can’t wait to see that little girl!

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