Merry & bright.


2011 was a different kind of Christmas.

First off, we laid low and celebrated in the coziness of home. Even though the weather has been freakishly nice and warm in North Dakota (around 40!), we still didn’t want to venture too far from the hospital. But we enjoyed the calm. Christmas Eve consisted of early church, sushi supper and Christmas light cruising, complete with salted caramel hot cocoas. My sister also joined us, which added to the fun.

Secondly, we gathered for Christmas lunch at the hospital today. Kelby’s grandpa had a stroke last week. He’s improved quite a bit, but is still in tough shape. Needless to say, it’s been a long week for the family. Even if it was in the ICU waiting room, it was nice to get together.

And Christmas was especially peaceful… baby Annistyn stayed put through it all. But that’s okay, because there’s an end in sight! I’m getting induced on Tuesday night. That’s only 48 hours away! I did have a few crazy cramps and jabs this weekend, which made me question if we’d have a Christmas baby, but no such luck. She’s likely somewhere between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds right now. No wonder I’m feeling heavy and ready to be done!

Tomorrow is a work holiday, and then I officially start my maternity leave on Tuesday. I could’ve been superwoman and put in a full day before my evening induction. But I decided that was crazy, and Kelby’s even taking the day off, too. We plan to get some serious R&R before the big event. Right now I’m a healthy mix of nerves and excitement.

Rather than promising another bump photo later this week, I’ll one-up that: how about a photo of our new babe? Deal!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris Irey says:

    Too excited, can’t wait for her to get here!!

  2. Johanna says:

    I’m sure you are packed and ready for take off to the hospital so put your feet up today because life is about to change!!! Who is in on the birthing experience? Just you & Kelby???

    1. Angie Lynnae says:

      We are! Just a few last-minute things to do, but otherwise we’re just taking it easy today.
      Just Kelby. I wouldn’t want to subject anyone else to me in pain! It could get scary… =)

      1. Johanna says:

        Good for you!!!

        I hope it’s a great experience for you and that you have wonderful nurses!!!

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