One month.

Guess who’s already one month old today?!

The month has flown by, yet it feels like Miss Annistyn has been a part of our lives for forever.

Of course life has changed, but in a crazy kind of wonderful way. To sum it up, she pretty much rocks our world!

Remember this post, where I question who our sweet gal will look like? I’d say the answer is pretty clear–she’s 99% daddy! (The last 1% is her button nose, which I’ll proudly claim!) We’re still waiting on the hair color and texture, and of course, she might start to look more and more like me as the days pass. I sorta kinda think Annistyn’s daddy is cute, so that’s totally fine with me. {wink}

What else do we know at one month?

Well, she’s feisty, and I love that about her. She’s not a terribly fussy baby, but she knows what she wants! Watching her eat is hilarious. If she doesn’t get the perfect latch right away, she grunts, kicks and whines until it’s fixed.

She’s also a major cuddle bunny. Daddy’s chest is her favorite spot, but she’s happy to quietly camp out on anyone. I’m already hoping the cuddle gene lasts forever.

As far as a routine, we’re still doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Slowly but surely, we’re starting to get some more sleep. Six uninterrupted hours is the best we’ve seen. Three three-hour chunks (divided by hour-long breaks for feedings and quiet awake time) is pretty darn good, too. I’ve also lived through some nights with two hours of sleep–TOTAL. At least then I can count on a longer nap during the day (I mean she’s gotta sleep eventually, right?!). Thank goodness for one-handed Pinterest browsing those nights!

Happy first month to our feisty, cuddly babe. Thanks for shaking up our world, adding a little craziness, a bunch of fun and a whole ‘lotta love. We’re thrilled you joined our little family!

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