Two months.

Wowza. Where has the time gone? No, really. Where?!

Miss Annistyn turns two months old this week. Since she’s so mature and all, she told me she’d like to make her blogging debut as a guest blogger. Here’s an update from the wildly popular babe Annistyn herself.

I’ll be two months old this week. Mommy tells me I’m sooo big.

I’m super sweet. (Sometimes mommy puts weird things on my head.)

Mostly serious.

Sometimes playful.

And always independent.

Morning is my favorite time of day. I like to smile, coo, kick and punch while on my changing pad and in my big-girl crib. Mommy takes lots of pictures of me, because I’m moving constantly. I giggle at the bright light.

Eating and sleeping are my favorite hobbies. Beside being cute, that’s pretty much all I do. I’m nursing, but I’ll also take a bottle just fine.

Daddy is the best at giving me baths, and sometimes I even smile during bathtime. I get one every other night before bedtime, which is around 8:30 p.m.

I’m getting really good at sleeping through the night. I wake mommy at 5 a.m. most days. She doesn’t seem to mind, and even though I’m starving for breakfast, I greet her with a smile.

Can I tell you more about my daddy? I look just like him. See?

He leaves around 6 a.m. most days, but when he gets home, it’s playtime! Sometimes I’m a little crabby in the evenings, but he knows how to cheer me up. Mommy seems happy, too, whenever daddy changes my stinky diapers.

I looove that my grandparents, aunts and uncles live closeby and visit me often. I have no cousins yet, which means I get all the attention. I’m cool with that.

I was baptized two weeks ago, and guess what? I didn’t even cry from the water. I got to wear a pretty white dress and be held all day long. Lucky me.

This week I get to see my doctor again. Mommy’s excited to see how much I’ve grown, but she’s dreading my shots. (I don’t know what those are… anyone?)

Well that’s all the time I’ve got. My little tummy feels empty again. Waaah!

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