Pinterest, meet reality.

Know what’s even more fun than pinning?


I’m a lucky lady to have a husband so interested in this stuff. We’ve got a nice little arrangement going: Pinterest and I provide the creative direction, and he does the work. Sounds fair, right? (Honestly though, he loves it.)

Our first big undertaking began just two weeks after Annistyn’s birth.

Kelby and his cousin put together this fabulous mudroom bench + storage built-in.

A few weeks later, Kelby was looking for another project to tackle. I suggested this laundry sorter, and he made it happen:

(Side note: we’ve had this slab of granite just sitting in our basement. Who knows why, but it came with the house. I’m happy we’ve found a use for it, and of course, folding clothes is more fun on a granite counter top!)

As a bonus, he also made me this necklace holder using our old kitchen cabinet knobs. Now that’s love!

Again today, he needed a new project, and before I knew it, my bathroom mirror had vanished.

He was adding this awesome tile border. Rock on!

Here’s the completed project:

Pinterest is way more fun when the ideas meet reality.

What have you created lately?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nana Net says:

    Love all the projects!
    How much time did the mirror take to complete? Did the tiles come in strips or did he have to hand-lay every tile? What a great way to turn a boring mirror into a piece of art!
    Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Angie Lynnae says:

      Thanks! He’s still not quite done with the mirror, but it took the better part of two afternoons–probably 10 hours total. Adhesive yesterday, grout today, sealant and remounting tomorrow. We bought the 12×12 sheets of tile and cut them into four three-tile-wide strips. Total cost: under $50. It really does look like a piece of art. Can’t wait to see it up and complete!

  2. Chris Irey says:

    Oh my!! Send him my way…I have a rather large Pinterest to do list!!

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