Oh happy Saturday.

Even though I’m still on leave (for a little while, anyway!), weekends are precious. We love having a couple of carefree days with daddy.

Today was an especially good Saturday. Anni-boo was a happy little gal, and the sun was shining brightly. March 10 and 48 degrees! In North Dakota, that’s a treat.

These are a few of my favorite things from today:

1. This curious face.

2. Omelets at the truck stop. (Oh, and this smile!)

3. Chillaxing. And thigh rolls.

4. A full belly.

5. Caffeine. In the form of a delicious Diet Coke Lime.

6. This adorable gift in the mail from a sweet friend.

7. Gorgeous sunlight in the nursery.

8. Two blue eyes and two sweet chins.

9. Power tools (and the man) that make me cool stuff.

10. Dreaming of spending time here with Annistyn someday soon.

11. Her first stroll.

12. My silly hubs.

13. Naps. On me.

14. New canvas photo art.

How was your Saturday?

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