Almost wordless, almost Wednesday.

My voice disappeared. Over the past few days, I’ve been unable to talk, and while I’ve always considered myself more of a writer than a talker, boy has it been weird. I’m unable to say “hi” to strangers in passing. I just smile and sort of mouth the word. Awkward! I can’t soothe a screaming baby in the backseat by reciting “8 silly monkeys jumping on the bed.” I can’t download the day with my husband; instead, I just listen. I’m over this no-voice thing, so I’m headed to bed early to keep nursing my dry throat. In the same fashion as my mute week thus far, here are some photos in place of words capturing the last few days. Clearly, Annistyn doesn’t seem to mind that mama can’t talk. (Unless, of course, she wants to hear what those silly monkeys are up to.) Goodnight!

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