This morning, I was washing dishes while mentally running through my weekend to-do list.

It’s a curse, really, this to-do list mentality.

As I jotted down the tasks–heaping piles of laundry, grimy floors, coffee-stained car cup holders, finding time to rest to get over a lingering cough–I started to wonder: why must I always feel overwhelmed, even on a quiet Saturday morning? Weekdays are one thing with a busy baby and chaotic workdays, but weekends? Home shouldn’t overwhelm, should it?

And right at that moment, the perfect song streamed through my Pandora station. It was one I had never heard before, but the words grabbed a hold of me:

In the quiet of my soul.

In the stillness, I hear Your voice call.

And I am overwhelmed. 

And I am lost for words to describe you.

Jesus, You’re more than a friend.

Jesus, You’re more than my heart could ever express.

Your love and Your grace never fail me.

Your merciful touch always heals me.

You bring joy to my soul.

{“More Than A Friend” by Jeremy Riddle.}

Why do I spend my time feeling overwhelmed with the worries of this life when, instead, I could be overwhelmed with the blessings that bring joy to my soul?

When I pulled the stopper, I let my overwhelming to-do list slide down the drain with the dirty water. I kissed my husband. I gave my smiley girl a giggly raspberry on the tummy. I looked around my messy, well-loved house.

And I was overwhelmed.

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  1. Nana Net says:

    A beautiful reminder when this world starts to overwhelm us. It’s usually stuff and things that bog us down. You have your priorities in the right order.

    I transferred your sleeping daughter to the crib tonight. She woke up long enough to stare into my eyes and smile at me. I experienced that special “overwhelmed” feeling in the eyes of a baby.

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