A walk in the park.

After a weekend of solo parenting, I’m ready to crawl into bed. Since I don’t have the energy to string words together tonight, my latest Instagram photos paint a pretty good picture of my weekend. It’s definitely fall in North Dakota. We’re loving this weather. And, I’m having way too much fun dressing Annistyn in her cooler-weather hats:

But who says you need a hat to be stinkin’ adorable?

Solo parenting or not, life with this sweetie is truly a walk in the park.

(There we go with the cute-as-a-button hats again!)

Hats, jewels – this girl’s got it made.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenna says:

    I always love seeing photos of beautiful Annistyn. She’s such a happy baby!

    1. Angie Lynnae says:

      Thank you! We need to see our happy girls together again soon!

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