Christmas dress photo shoot.

Yesterday I wanted to play dress up make sure that Annistyn’s Christmas outfit fit. A modeling session just seemed like the right thing to do.

DSCN8549“Mom, you do realize that it’s not Christmas yet, right?”
DSCN8561“Excuse me. I need to call daddy. Maybe he’ll save me from this photo shoot.”
DSCN8568“Seriously, mom. I was just a pumpkin like the other day.”
DSCN8570“Well, these shiny beads kind of do look like fun…”
DSCN8589 Christmas dress“Okay, maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.”

DSCN8599“They are fun, mom! They make music! Music’s my favorite!”

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  1. Nana Net says:

    Happy First Christmas to our special baby!

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