Life isn’t a performance.

Can I be completely candid for a sec? Lately, I’ve found myself annoyed with seemingly perfect lives. I love social media, and I hate it. Some people’s lives just look too pretty and polished. Fake. Impersonal. (Sometimes, I wonder if my own doesn’t come off this way.)

On Facebook, we only publish what we want the world to see. Do I ever want to complain about my relationships, stress at work or home, my personal struggles or the general exhaustion of motherhood and life? Absolutely. But I choose not to. I keep my mess neatly tucked away from the eyes of friends and acquaintances.

Even here, I often struggle with hitting publish. I know my grandmas check in regularly, or my employer could easily stumble upon my thoughts. Most of all, when I leave this earth, my words will remain as a reflection of me.

Are we simply performing, trying to impress others with our fortune or bliss? In turn, are we making others feel pathetic in their perfectly normal far-from-perfect lives? Remember, perfection isn’t meant for this lifetime.

I’m not suggesting we focus on negative and hide our happy. That’s just silly. Instead, let’s share our light in a way that sets others on fire. In other words:

Shine{Photo credit: Grace Came Down}

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  1. Chris I says:

    Great one…thanks!

  2. Jenna says:

    I agree, Angie. I have thought this about my own blogs and posts on Facebook. I don’t often share the “dark” or negative thoughts, feelings, situations, etc. My sister has commented that I am much too “Pollyanna” in my posts, which annoys her. I do share some less than perfect things, but overall, I tend to focus on the more positive because as you mentioned– these are the words people will remember us by. Also- employers have access, etc.

    I did decide to share my story about my miscarriage only because I felt it may help others who have been there as well.

    II could write about my depression, struggles to succeed at work, constant self consciousness about my weight, etc…perhaps it would be cathartic– and like my shared experience about my m/c, could resonate with others….and promote acceptance of life’s imperfections. Because after all, imperfections make us who we are.

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