Losing to gain.

I’ve written this post well over 100 times in my head and in countless personal journals throughout the years.

We all have our issues in life. Unfortunately, mine is visible. I’m tired of weight occupying so much space in my mind. I’m ready to make a change.

Why I’m losing to gain
Skinny isn’t my goal. Health is at the top of my list. I want to treat my body well. At 25, I’m still young and fortunate to have my health. With time, extra weight will steal energy, strain my bones and joints and likely cause diabetes. I’ve been warned once; why wouldn’t I prevent it while I have the chance?

Angie riding horse


Dwelling on something for 20+ years is not cool. I’ve always had a huge appetite for life. The chunkiness started around age four, and it really didn’t end until age 14. Then I wore a size two (yes, really) for a couple of years, until the pounds crept back into my life. College, marriage, career and a baby later, I’m still dealing with the extra baggage.

Annistyn March 2014

And then there’s my daughter. I want her to be confident and strong, unconcerned with weight. I don’t want her growing up thinking she’s too thin or too fat or too anything, or “dieting like mommy.” I want our family to simply enjoy life and encourage healthy habits together.

How I’m losing to gain
My journey has already begun. Since January, I’ve been paying closer attention to my food and making exercise a priority – almost daily. I’m tracking every calorie and aiming for five sweat sessions a week. I pencil in dates with myself and keep them. And guess what? The old fashioned way works. So far, I’m 13 pounds lighter than in 2013. With time and consistency, that number will grow.

Food Journal

I am beyond thankful for the support of my husband. As a working mom, it’s hard to make the time for regular exercise. I’m hitting the gym after work, which means I’m not home until after 6 p.m. weekdays. He’s been handling the daycare pick-up and supper prep during this time. In return, I give him time at night to study for his upcoming engineering exam. We’re both working toward important goals, and hour by hour, day by day, we’ll get there.

A+K sledding

Morning by morning new mercies I see.

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  1. Chris I says:

    Every healthy step you take betters your life and your family’s as well. I’ve been eating clean (for the most part) for five years. I feel so much better and I’m so thankful that a friend got me connected with this. Lost a ton of weight (could still lose more) and got rid of a lot of sickness (heartburn, acid reflux, sinus infections, chronic headaches). It’s just so much better. Yes I still indulge in things I really love (chai tea lattes, cheese burgers at In-N-Out, chocolate), but I don’t do it all the time so they really become little treats to myself. Keep up the good work!!

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