OneWord365: Grow

Family Pic - December 20142013 was all about play.

2014 was new.

I picked up some new healthy habits (like running). I made more time for self-renewal, through regular exercise and reading. I started going to bed earlier, making mornings easier. We made some wonderful new friends and created new memories with our spunky two (now three) year old. And, in late October, we found out we’re expecting a new baby in July!

Indeed, 2014 was a good year.

So, what’s next? My one word for 2015 is… grow.

The theme seems to fit our life right now (beyond the obvious – my growing midsection). In 2015, we will:

  • Grow our family and our hearts.
  • Grow our faith and trust in God to provide for us.
  • Watch our three-year-old grow into a sweet little lady.
  • Grow our relationships (marriage, family and friends).
  • Grow our careers.

Everything you go through, grows you.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Georgina says:

    I’ve enjoyed seeing your posts in 2014, so Happy New Year to you & yours, and congratulations on the good news! Hope all going well. Look forward to your posts in 2015!

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