Things I do daily to bring joy to my days.

Here we are just over two weeks away from baby girl Laxdal’s expected arrival. I’m thinking back to how having a child the first time shook up our entire world, making life a little more hectic and a lot more fun. The first few months are a whirlwind of joy and exhaustion, and I remember the process of finding myself, not as a person, but as a mom.

Even though I’m not “becoming” a mom with the second child, I’m sure I’ll experience many of the same feelings, especially in those moments when taking a long shower and sipping hot coffee feel like distant luxuries.

I’m writing this post as a note to myself, to remind me of the simple things that bring joy to my days. Of course baby snuggles and gummy smiles will be at the top of my list soon enough. Here are 16 things that make even the trying days feel better.

1. Waking up on time. (Bonus: if it’s before the rest of the family.) I’m sure I’ll have no problem sustaining this trend in the coming months…

2. Reading my favorite, super quick devotional, “Jesus Calling,” while diffusing my hair. I know I won’t have time throughout my day, so why not kick it off with the right message.

3. Not rushing through the morning, allowing time for extra hugs and toddler conversation before daycare.

4. A piping hot cup (or two) of coffee with a mini splash of mint creamer. (Nuking it in the microwave mid-way is allowed.)

5. The simple act of writing a detailed to-do list and getting ‘r done. Productivity feels good. (I’ll let this one go for a few months.)

6. Actually taking a break for lunch. Everyone needs a moment to recharge.

7. Walking and staying active throughout the day. Without it, my energy slumps. Sweat is good for the soul.

8. Reserving time to unplug, especially in the evenings. Put the phone away. Babies are only babies for so long.

9. Cooking supper – I mean actually cooking something with my hands. Feeding my family wholesome, nurturing food is an expression of love.

10. Recording the good things worth remembering. Sometimes this means capturing photos on Instagram, other times it’s quietly reflecting with pen and paper.

11. Reading. One of my favorite ways to relax and let go.

12. Playing and creating adventures with my big girl. Time spent with her is always enlightening.

13. Talking to my husband. Putting the screens and distractions away and actually looking into his sky blue eyes.

14. Tidying up. Often, five minutes around the house is all it takes to make tomorrow feel fresh and clean.

15. Protecting my sleep. (Of course, this isn’t always an option with a new baby in the house.) Going to bed on time or taking naps when I have the chance makes a world of difference.

16. Giving thanks. Viewing it all as a gift. Because that’s exactly what motherhood and life is.

Anni and Mom

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  1. Beth Boman says:

    Great list! I am obsessive about having clean countertops. If my kitchen counters are wiped and uncluttered, I can take on the world. :)

    And bedtime stories. Some nights bedtime stories are about 45 minutes long because it’s just too wonderful and one day he won’t be so enthralled by my silly voices.

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