Mindset and the many emotions of selling a home.

It’s only been two weeks on the market, and I’m tired of selling our house. Keeping a spotless home while working full time and caring for two littles is no small feat. (I mean seriously, who takes time to make all the beds every single morning? Not this gal.) And, to top it all off, we’ve been sick. Ugh, a recipe for exhaustion.


I keep telling myself it’ll be worth it. We don’t need twenty buyers. We just need one.

So, what can we do but scrub the floors again… and again… and again and then, simply wait?

This is the question rolling on repeat in my mind. Life feels like it’s on pause. We were practicing contentment in our current home, but now that we’re pursuing the next big thing, I feel like we’re discontented until it happens (if, in fact, it does happen). We’re caught in the middle, like a never-ending Tuesday, an eternal winter, a lackluster love life.

Tonight I was talking to my four-year-old about how we decide what kind of day we’re going to have. Our daycare drop-offs have been a bit rough, so this was a bath time pep talk. I asked her what kind of morning we’ll have tomorrow and she sweetly shrugged, “Well, I just don’t know.” I told her we were deciding right now to have a good morning. We were in charge of making it happen, no matter the circumstances.

Light bulb moment: Sometimes, I need my own advice.

We are in charge of how this process of selling a home feels. Our mindset determines how it goes down. We can complain about putting away every dish and every piece of dirty laundry, or we can revel in the fact that when chores are always done, weekends can be enjoyed. We can view showings as inconveniences kicking us out of the house, or we can view them as adventures and good reasons to eat out on a weeknight, explore a new park or play pretend in the library. It’s all in how we view it.

While my hopes were high for a quick sale, I know that two weeks really isn’t long. I still have hopes that we’ll sell, move forward on our next investment and embrace country life. And, when all that happens, my emotions will take a new spin on this rollercoaster, as we say goodbye to the home into which we’ve poured our extra time and money, created countless memories and (gulp) brought our babies home.

Now is the time to enjoy. Stop waiting.

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