What it means to keep living.

A pretty sign above my sunny kitchen window softly whispers, “Keep living.”

Keep Loving

Kelby laughed when he first saw it. He said it reminded him of placing a “Breathe” tattoo on your wrist (which, I personally love) — as if you’ll forget to do it without the regular reminder.

Actually, it’s easy to forget.

Keep living.

Life feels like it’s on pause this summer, while our house sits still on the market. We’re sort of twiddling our thumbs and tiptoeing around the perfectly arranged throw pillows while we wait for the next big thing, our little country dream.

As I rinse the suds off the bottles, night after night, I look up at the pretty sign.

Keep living.

Keep enjoying. Keep hoping. Keep trying. Simply, keep.

Whatever has you stuck, paused, or in some kind of ugly rut, it’s time to hit the play button on life again. Maybe it’s a distant dream that’s completely out of your hands. Release your white-knuckle grip and give it to the One who cradles the stars.

Keep living.

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  1. LOVE this! Well said. Prayers that you enjoy all the space in between where you are now & your country dream…and then on

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