When you feel too busy for your own life.

I haven’t blogged in months. Months! And it’s driving me a little bonkers, to be perfectly honest.

Maybe it’s moving to a new home, maybe it’s raising two energetic kids, maybe it’s keeping up with a full career. The days are few and far between when I can actually sit down in a quiet spot, say a quick prayer and let the words tumble across the keys.


(In fact, right now my writing soundtrack is Paw Patrol, and I was just interrupted by the super relevant question, “Do eagles eat all little animals?” No wonder my brain is slightly mush. Bedtime, I see you hiding right around the corner.)

I’ve been too busy living a messy-yet-beautiful life to spend time weaving words and untangling thoughts.


We’re always too busy for something, aren’t we? But when the busy takes over, I tend to focus on all the wrong things. I dwell on the messes and problems and minute details that simply do not matter in the bigger picture of eternity. When I’m flying from one task to the next, I forget to take a breath, to step back and look at the big beautiful scene happening right before my wildly distracted eyes. I glance at the email instead of the bright baby blues across the table. I peer into the carefully filtered highlight reels instead of the souls I wish to see most clearly. I write a to-do list instead of a to-thank-Him list.

When we’re busy doing it all, we risk missing everything. The screaming urgent squelches the soft-spoken important. Child-nurturing and marriage-watering and soul-keeping and faith-growing requires full attention rather than bits and pieces of what’s left at the end of a grueling day. What we pour in, we get back. What we sprinkle with love and spread with a thick layer of grace grows into something fruitful.


My prayer for 2017 is to slow the striving and to savor the small moments with the precious hearts that softly pitter patter nearest to mine. I’m carving out more time for quiet, for me, so I can be the best version of me for my people. I’m refusing to be too busy for my own life.


And that sweet five-year-old voice who asked the silly eagle question? She needs a backrub and a prayer for good dreams and reassurance that tomorrow is going to be wonderful. I’m never too busy for this task, and I am honored to be the person God handpicked to be her one and only mom.

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  1. ChrisI says:

    Perfectly said…

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