Gardening & parenting: planting seeds, sprinkling love.

We have our first little garden this summer. Maybe it’s my farm roots, maybe it’s my childhood memories of getting a little dirt under my nails, maybe it’s because life moves crazy fast these days—but I sure do love spending a little time out there every day. More than I thought I would.


Almost daily, I try to find a sliver of quiet, a pocket of time that’s just mine, to soak up the peace, yank at a few weeds and harvest the vibrant fruits of this earth. I’m starting to slowly understand why gardening is so good for the soul.

Good things take time

Being a mom is beautifully hard. The seasons change so often. One day I’m the best mom in the world. The next, dad is the only person who can make bedtime happen without tears and tantrums. One day the grocery store trip is freakishly flawless; the next, it’s sisters screaming over who gets to put the breakfast bars in the cart. The conditions can be just right, but the outcome is unpredictable.


While we love to be in control, so much of raising little humans is beyond our abilities. When our babies come wailing into this world, we do everything in our human power to protect them from the elements. We start with cozy snuggles and warm swaddles, pouring endless love into the heaven-sent miracles in our arms. We wrap their tiny fingers around ours and yet, as time goes on, we must slowly loosen our grip.

Growing deeper roots

Soon, my first baby goes off to Kindergarten. She’ll be exposed to delightful new experiences, and hard truths. It’s all part of growth. To flourish, gardens need not only sunny days, but also rainstorms. It’s in the storms that our roots grow deeper and we become stronger. It’s then that our lives are watered with the kind of love that only comes from above.

Papa planting

On day one, we plant the seeds. We carefully tend to their needs, plucking the weeds and praying for the right conditions for glorious growth. We continue to push our babies forward in an upward direction, turning their faces toward the Son. And yet, beyond the continual watering of faith, hope and love, there’s only so much we can do.

My prayer is that He reaches the deepest parts of their little souls and gently covers them with His amazing grace.

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