Thoughts on emptying your purse + releasing what weighs down your soul.

Half-eaten ring pop. Broken hair clips. Old wipes that were used for who knows what.


My kids give me all kinds of goodies that find a home in the deep, dark crevices of my not-so-regularly emptied purse.

I love my moss green Michael Kors Selma. From the outside, that satchel is a beauty—structured leather, strong silhouette, famously branded gold hardware. But on the inside, things get messy.

You see, ever since I’ve held a baby in my arms, the inner state of my handbag has been slightly disastrous. I fill it with things that are not mine, mindlessly shoving items in throughout the rush of daily life. Deeper down they sink, soon to be forgotten.

Until one day, I feel the ache. The skinny leather strap is making a solid dent in my shoulder. This bag is HEAVY. And, half the stuff inside isn’t mine.

Why do we do the same thing with the weight of the world?

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

Like my handbag, most of the worries in my heart and head shouldn’t be mine to carry. Rather than regularly unpacking all that which does not belong, I often shove in more junk—deeper, darker, messier.

The soul burden gets heavy.

I move faster. When I have a moment of quiet, I quickly squash it, picking up my phone and starting the comforting scroll. While it’s the familiar pattern of my thumb, it does nothing to calm my mind. Worry (Is anywhere safe anymore?), jealousy (Why are they so perfect?), anxiety (What are all my undone tasks?)—all the ugly emotions emerge.

I set down the device, close my eyes, and find the stories floating inside my mind.

I start to empty this handbag. There’s stuff smashed into every fold. Some good, some bad. All stressing the seams of my mind.

Unpacking means sitting with the thoughts, acknowledging their existence. It’s a process of editing—purging that which doesn’t belong, digging out the gold, and releasing that which was never mine to carry. If He holds the world, He can certainly handle a few heavy thoughts.

Cast all your anxiety…

Keeping life light means taking time to dump it all out and declutter. No matter what we do, things will start to sneakily settle and make a home in our souls. We need to slow down and examine the mess. What belongs, what doesn’t? What was never meant to be our burden?

Let go. Let God.

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