#OneWord365: Choose

We’re almost an entire month into 2019. How?! Where does the time go?

Are my New Year’s ducks in a row, with a clear strategy and path to live my best life this year?

Uh, no. Far from it. (I don’t have ducks. Or a row. Some days, I feel like I have squirrels, and they’re all drunk.)

Let’s just say I’m failing in the goal-setting arena. I’ve always been a bigger fan of picking a theme, a word, for the year. Through the years, I’ve focused on play, new and grow, just to name a few. For me, these #OneWord365 themes help bring clarity to the chaos.

I’ve been brewing my 2019 word for some time, and I think I’ve finally landed on it.


img_1227 (3)

A Day in the Life

It’s 5:45 a.m. and my alarm clock is blaring. Again. (I already hit snooze once.) I take out the dog, shower, get myself ready, help get the kids ready (aka: tell them for the third time to brush their teeth or the sugar bugs will take over), pet the pup, spin a smoothie and get out the door by 7:25—no later.

After dropping off kids, it’s time to fire up the ever-exploding inbox, pour copious amounts of coffee, attend the meetings, share the thoughts, check the lists. Time dissolves much too quickly, and soon it’s rushing to pick up the kids, burn the pup’s energy, cook the (usually boring, kid-approved) supper, wash the dishes, bathe said children, read all the stories, say all the prayers, pretend to be asleep and beg the three-year-old to be quiet, stop hitting her sister and close her eyes. Soon enough, it’s 10 p.m.—less than eight hours from the next alarm clock. And, oh yes, there are backpacks to check, bags to pack and, if I’m being honest, usually a load of freshly re-fluffed clothes to fold.

I’d say this is a pretty common daily rhythm for most people in my stage of life.

The stage where I’m a wife and a mom (and a puppy mom) and a career woman. And, it’s all happening at once.

This could be a recipe for complaining. I’ve verbalized, or at the very least thought, these phrases:

I never get any free time. If I do, it’s late at night.

I always feel like I’m failing at something—the house, the kids, the workload.

I don’t have time to work out. Or read. Or do anything.

When we’re simply going through the motions, we risk missing it all. We forget to seek the blessings and capture them. We forget that at one point, we prayed for this. All of this.

The marriage. The babies. The big home. The career. All of it was once only a vision.

We chose it. We set after it. We manifested it.

And every day after, we must ask ourselves:  Do you still choose this?

If the answer is no, change it. If the answer is yes, make it a heck yes and embrace it.

This might mean a little less sleep or lower standards. Some nights maybe it means leaving a few dishes and snuggling in for a family movie. Perhaps it’s practicing patience with your toddler and being okay with being five minutes late. It’s about choosing what’s best for you, in this moment.

Let’s not get caught up in the overwhelm. Let’s dig deeper despite the exhaustion and find the true meaning. For me, that’s carving out time to write, to reflect, to process, and choosing to bravely toss bits and pieces online for other humans to see. It’s choosing to put my health first and push beyond what I think I can. It’s choosing gratitude in the messy middle and realizing that everything around me is a living, walking dream, even when it might feel more like a three-ring circus. It’s choosing to find the magic in the seemingly mundane.

To sum it up with the wise words of Ann Voskamp:

Stress is a choice.

Busy is a choice.

Joy is a choice.

Choose well.

Happy 2019, friends. May you choose well—today and every day.

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