2021 Wishes

I’m entering 2021 with zero expectations.

Sure, I’d love to get back into a morning exercise routine, shed a few pounds, clear the clutter from my closets, grow our savings, complete a few house projects, raise kids who always listen. But after all the pivoting of 2020, I’m ready for things to be easy. Light. Carefree.

I’m naturally a list-person. I like my to-do’s and my paper planner. I have lists of the kind of routine I want to maintain, the areas of my home I want to tidy quarterly, monthly goals around topics such as health, home, spirit, and play. I truly do geek out over this stuff and it’s much more fun and calming than it sounds. (Where are my fellow type A’s?!)

But here’s the thing. Survival mode in 2020 made me grab for more control. I labeled nearly everything in my house. I made grocery and backstock lists like it was my job. Because I was filled with so much fear of the unknown, I made everything harder than it needed to be. I lived in survival mode for much of the year, because I didn’t know what would change and when. I gripped more tightly to the tiny sense of control I had over my life.

I know we’re not out of the woods yet, but I feel a real glimmer of hope in the distance with the vaccine. We’re going to get through this. I see the light at the end of one very, very long tunnel.

And it’s time to lighten the load.

My word for 2021? Easy.

Let it be easy. Carefree. Like walking through a sea of lush green grass with bare feet and a crystal-clear mind. Easy like skipping the weekend to-do list and filling the moments with wild kitchen dance parties and memories that last a lifetime. Easy like impromptu, imperfect gatherings (when it’s safe) with family and friends just because. Easy like not stressing over the small stuff, like if there’s invisible dog hair flying through the air (guilty!) or if the house is clean before I actually sit down with a coffee and book to relax.

Hard is done. Hard is exhausting. Hard is heavy.

Let’s float into the new year with fewer expectations and more moments of sheer joy that bubble out of nothing. Let’s wake our souls up to the beauty right in front of us. Let’s fall in love with life all over again.

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  1. Rick Gemmill says:

    Thanks for this. Encouraging words are always good , and always comforting. I guess maybe what it boils down to, is that we should just have more faith. May God bless you, and your family this coming year!

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