What it means to keep living.

A pretty sign above my sunny kitchen window softly whispers, “Keep living.” Kelby laughed when he first saw it. He said it reminded him of placing a “Breathe” tattoo on your wrist (which, I personally love) — as if you’ll forget to do it without the regular reminder. Actually, it’s easy to forget. Keep living….

Losing to gain.

I’ve written this post well over 100 times in my head and in countless personal journals throughout the years. We all have our issues in life. Unfortunately, mine is visible. I’m tired of weight occupying so much space in my mind. I’m ready to make a change. Why I’m losing to gain Skinny isn’t my goal….

Forget about the weeds.

Even with the fatigue that accompanies my growing midsection, keeping my home clean is still at the top of my to-do list. Cleaning is something I naturally enjoy, and I go a little crazy if my house is out of order. (Plus, I have a wonderful hubby who cares and helps to keep casa Laxdal…