(Almost) 23 months.

Willow Annistyn, when we picked your name, we thought Willow sounded sweet and Annistyn sounded sassy. While you’re certainly both, I’m happy we stuck with family tradition and kept on using your middle name. Sassy fits you, Miss Anni. These days you’re all about singing, dancing, coloring, reading and trying new things. And, you do…

Two months.

Wowza. Where has the time gone? No, really. Where?! Miss Annistyn turns two months old this week. Since she’s so mature and all, she told me she’d like to make her blogging debut as a guest blogger. Here’s an update from the wildly popular babe Annistyn herself. I’ll be two months old this week. Mommy…

Sleeping beauty.

Our little gal seems to be growing and changing every day. Here she is in a milk coma yesterday morning. Those cheeks! Our little sleeping beauty. So, so blessed.

Meet Willow Annistyn.

After 17 long hours of labor, Willow Annistyn made her appearance at 9:51 p.m. December 28, weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz. and measuring 19.25″ long. She already has us wrapped around her finger. We left the hospital Friday morning. Here she is all buckled and bundled up. Mommy’s feeling awesome. And daddy’s completely in love….

Pink + gray nursery: revealed!

Only 10 weeks to go, and the nursery is reeking with cuteness! Aside from some small details, like finishing the homemade mobile and stocking up on diaper wipes, the nursery is done. First we have the focal point, the crib: And, by the way, we’re openly sharing her name now. Baby girl’s name is… In…