Please blog responsibly.

Blogging. The word itself amuses me.

What… is… it?

It’s an online journalling tool used by individuals and businesses alike. {Well, duh.}

But… what… will it do… for the world?

Great question. And one that I’ve been pondering for quite some time.

Essentially, blogging is writing.

Okay, I can handle that. I’ve been writing my whole life.

Literally, a writer never stops. Life is a never-ending series of stories. Living sparks thinking. Thinking fuels writing. Writing creates stories. Stories build lives. Often I replace writing with talking, but the process works the same way. For me, it’s really that simple.

But writing is about so much more than putting pencil to paper or fingers to keys. It’s a lengthy process of constant criticism and audience analysis. But that’s the thing about blogging: I have no idea who you are. {Well, besides you, mom. Thanks for reading.}

My current WordPress analytics reveal that 450 people have already viewed this blog. 450! Last I checked, I didn’t have that many friends. That’s 900 bright eyes skimming over my words highly personal ideas about faith. That thought alone triggers the most severely paralyzing writer’s block I’ve ever experienced.

Blogging boggles my mind.

But it’s fascinating.

Discovering new blogs has become a favorite pastime of mine. Not only is it delightfully addictive, but it reminds me how alike humans are. Candid blogging, the best kind in my opinion, reminds me that we’re all slightly confused humans with quirky thoughts. There’s something bizarrely comforting in being reminded that since none of us are okay, we’re all okay.

Even though I claim to be ALL about Him, there’s really no way to take the “me” out of this blog. Um, hello? My name is the URL.

So, are bloggers really making the world a better place?

Does sharing always equal caring? Or are we all just adding clutter to an information world that’s already bursting at the seams?

Blogging should not equal babbling. Personal journals serve this purpose.

Blogging should be about striving to stir another human’s soul. It should be less about me and more about Him through me.

Don’t get me wrong: Christians are totally allowed to have personalities. In fact, personalities are what make us thrive as the body of Christ. Some are strong where others are weak; it’s orchestrated perfectly. Clearly, He took care of the details. Just because we’re following His lead doesn’t make us followers in life.

Where this world needs a leader, fill the gap. But don’t just do it for you.

If you’re meant to sing, sing for Him.

If you’re meant to labor, labor like He did.

If you’re meant to care, care like He does.

And if you’re meant to blog, please blog responsibly.

It’s not one person’s burden to change the world, but we certainly have the power to change someone’s world.

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