My name is Angie.

I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister and a mama.

You could also label me as a: child of God, 20-something, lifelong North Dakotan, go-getter, dream-chaser, list-maker, planner, public relations professional and lover of all things homemakery (baking, cooking, decorating, organizing). Writing is my passion and hobby.

My constant goals are to strive for simplicity, seek joy and spread love.

And then there’s my sweet and hilarious hubster, Kelby. While I’m often the deep-thinking forward-looker, he’s the fun-loving, live-in-the-present goofball. And I love that about him. He keeps my face smiling, my heart happy and my feet on the ground.

This is us.

This one (2)

Well, this was us.

Now, we have two sweet kiddos (and a lot of fun).


We’ve been wearing wedding rings since the ages of 20 (me) and 22 (he), and have held the keys to our cozy nest since a year after tying the knot. We love our home, and we’re constantly making improvements to it (aka: I pin and dream up projects; he breaks out the power tools and makes them happen).

And the best creations we’ve ever made? Our girls, Willow Annistyn (2011) and Scarlett Eisley (2015).

Being new parents is busy, messy, exhausting business, but it’s the best journey we’ve ever started.

When we’re not chasing after our sweeties, we’re working full-time. He’s a civil engineer. I work in healthcare marketing as a public relations specialist.

So that’s our ever-evolving story.

It’s not a perfect life, but it’s certainly a happy one.


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