About Ang

Hey there!

My name is Angie. (Call me Ang and you’re my new best friend.)

By day, I’m a director of marketing. I’m passionate about the work I do because it’s innovative, creative and community-focused.

The two titles I’m proudest of though? Being a wife and being a mama. I love spending time with my wild, strawberry-haired crew.

christmas-pic-2There’s Kelby, the civil engineer, who can be found regularly creating my latest ideas with power tools in hand. Then there’s Annistyn, the big sis. She’s witty, a natural leader with the biggest heart. The little sis, Eisley, is our curly redhead, our firecracker. Both girls have their daddy’s goofy sense of humor. Our not-so-quiet country home is full of arts and crafts, baking adventures, dance parties, endless LEGOS, grace and, most of all, a deep love for life and one another.

The Girls

You could label me as a: child of God, 30-something, lifelong North Dakotan, go-getter, dream-chaser, list-maker and planner. I’m a fan of stories, coffee, music and simplicity. Writing is my passion and my hobby.

Between parenthood and careers, life is full. Writing, for me, is therapeutic. Sharing stories and connecting with others brings a sense of calm.

I have a dream to launch a book someday in the future. For now, welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I share bits and pieces of my heart, my faith, my life. It’s not perfect; it’s real. We’re all in this together.

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