In-Venn-ting myself in 2011.

2011 is almost 1/12th over. Oh my! Where did the month go?

I feel like I need a little more focus in my life; you know, something to keep me accountable. So, I made this handy little Venn diagram to remind me of what the remaining 11/12ths of 2011 should consist of.

2011 Venn diagram

The meanings are multidimensional, so let me break it down for ya:

1. Write

>> continue on my path to becoming a writer

>> continually refine my career niche

>> continue blogging, not necessarily more often, but don’t let it die

>> read, read, read!

2. Move

No, I don’t want to move move. I love my home, and we’re even warming up to the town. But I would like to move in these ways:

>> create a 4-5x per week workout plan, and stick to it

>> stop being paralyzed by fear; act on ideas

>> stop dwelling on the future and marvel in the here and now

3. Love

>> keep a happy home, and to me, that means strike a balance between organized domesticity and goofy fun

>> get off the computer and enjoy more face-time with hubs, family, friends… and most of all, alone time with Him

>> find a cozy church home, get involved and live love out loud (yeah, we’re working on that one, still…)

Here’s to writing, moving and loving in the remaining 11/12ths of 2011!

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  1. Katie says:

    Hey! I found your site from LCMS YAM. I just want you to know that I love this Venn diagram. I might borrow it!


    1. Hello! Thank you… and go for it! :)

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