Saturday Smiles.

5 presents in the present:

1. Sweet new kicks. ‘Nuff said.

Lime Pumas

Lime Pumas side view

2. Mixing two of the best foods ever created: homemade mac ‘n cheese and (wait for it…) bacon. Kaboom!

Bacon mac n' cheese

{Perhaps a good reason to break in the new sneakers?!}

3. This amazing salad today, to counteract the “mistake” above.

Raspberry feta salad

4. My husband, who spent M-Th nights installing a new deck railing. He took a lifeless blob of patio and turned it into something we’ll actually use and enjoy this summer. We still have to install steps (soon) and paint (next year), but I’m thrilled with the results:


Deck with adirondack chairs

{and… Friday}

Snow-covered deck

{Now this. This I am not thankful for.}

5. Replacing my snowman entry rug with this beauty. Sending good vibes for spring’s return!

Bright floral rug

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Annette says:

    Recipe for the homemade mac ‘n cheese, please!

    1. Whatever noodles I have, cooked in salted water + butter + milk + Velveeta. I just guess!

  2. Johanna Christensen says:

    Where did you get the rug?? Cute! I have a brown rug with an owl on it waiting to go outside but I don’t know if I can part with it in the house so I need another rug! Plus, our rug outside still says “The Estonsons” the old owners – time for a new rug! Did you follow all of that? Sheesh!

    1. Lowe’s – random find! LOL, sounds like it’s definitely time to switch it up. Brown + owl sounds adorable!

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