33 days.

That’s all.

33 days (or fewer) until we meet our baby girl.

The silver lining of gestational diabetes is if she doesn’t come before due date, I’ll likely be induced on due date, not after.

So I can pretty confidently say 33 days max. Crazy!

Not that I’m sick of being pregnant (well, not really…), but I’m giddy to meet this sweetie kicking in my tummy.

Does she have daddy’s red hair? Mommy’s squiggles?

Mom’s green eyes? Dad’s icy blues?

Is she stubborn, like mom and dad? (Likely.)

Goofy like dad, or more serious like mom?

All will be revealed soon—and very soon!

In the meantime, we’ll just keep soaking in this moment of sweet anticipation.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nana Net says:

    Who’s counting?
    Papa Lynn,
    G Mama Mary,
    Afi Kent,
    all those aunts and uncles,
    absolutely EVERYONE! :)

  2. Chris Irey says:

    Yep, everyone’s counting…

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