Chalk it up.

Since the nursery is donzo and the to-do list is wiped clean, I’m finding other ways to stay busy.

Last year I slapped some chalkboard paint on my office closet doors. I’ve written on them maybe twice (and Kelby added his own–ahem–graffiti, which was quickly erased!), but for the most part, I ignore them.

I decided to change that and brought my Pinterest collection of quotes to life.

Talk about a simple way to give my office a zap of energy. Just what this 36-something-week pregnant lady needs!

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  1. Nana Net says:

    Hahahahahahaha! This totally caught me “off guard” and I had a great laugh.
    Annistyn needs to hurry into this world. Mommy has too much time on her hands. Love it! Keep thinking those positive thoughts! :)

    1. Hahaha – so very true!

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