The music never ends.

MusicLife is short.

We say it often. The days, weeks and months fly by at breakneck speed. When we’re caught up chasing dreams and reaching for the next goal, and then another, and then another, pretty soon we’re looking back wondering where the years went.

Life is short.

How quickly we forget. The moments are here, and then they’re gone. We never know when a moment will be our last. And sometimes, moments become memories quicker than we’d ever imagine.

Rewind to New Year’s Eve, just a few short months ago. I was settling in for a quiet night at home playing princess board games. The yoga pants were on, and the evening forecast looked like cookie dough ice cream and an early bedtime.

My little sister convinced me otherwise. Our favorite band was in town.

“Go, dance, enjoy yourself. I’ll stay with the kids,” my sweet husband urged.

Well, a night out does sound fun… and, it’s New Year’s after all… 

I slapped on some lipstick and kissed him goodbye.

It was a night to remember. We ran into old friends, we took silly selfies, we shared stories, and we boogied like no one was watching (even though they probably all were).

Soon enough, I heard the trumpet play the famous bomp, bomp, bomp of “Sweet Caroline.” I found myself on the dance floor with my fun uncle, Lyle.

Good times never seemed so good.

Lyle went to heaven last week. He joined his dad, his sister, his brother and his nephew. Our family’s hearts broke all over again.

While I have many memories of him smiling, laughing and simply enjoying life, this one will remain as the final memory. It was a good last dance.

There’s no way of comprehending why God takes some people early from this life. But, we can find rest in knowing we have a Savior that is bigger than all of this world. He has a plan, even when we don’t understand.

My four-year-old said it best. When I told her the sad news, her eyes lit up and she whispered, “So, he got to meet Jesus.”

Yes, dear, he’s dancing in the clouds. And up there, in our final home, good times never seemed so good – so good, so good, so good.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris I says:

    Love this, and love you. Hugs.

  2. niemann2013 says:

    Thanks, Angie! God has given you the gift of putting the words in our hearts on paper.

  3. Nancy says:

    Beautiful…thank you for this message! We all need to cherish our memories of Lyle.

  4. Michelle says:

    This is so well written and beautiful! Your daughter is an angel. What a great reminder to all of us.

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